Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ania dries her hair by Sharon

After days of exploring Krakow and a brilliant trip, this was just a spontaneous moment at Ania's flat, captured the night before I left Poland. Thanks to you lovely ladies for all the positive comments you gave my Krakow pictures, last night. I feel really boosted by your praise and enthusiasm and will defo put some of the images from that trip into the exhibition. This is one of my favourites.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Unfinished by Tina Culverhouse

This is the emotive view, but from a different perspective emotionally and painterlywise. This is more about the marks made by the brush and the really dark paynes grey marks will probably remain. I have used a very pastel blue for the sea which reminds me of a colour pastel my dad used to keep in his tin. I used to covert this pastel and the colour is implanted into my brain like some sort of code. You may see this colour popping up and when I mix it and rediscover it everytime I get an incredible feeling of timelessness. This painting will develop and I can't wait to blog its progression. Posted by Picasa

Cornwal, 1999

This is a watercolour on paper and is A5 size, so fairly small scale. This is a view from a fairly high spot just near Harrow Barrow looking south coastal wise. Fond memories! Posted by Picasa

The Farewell

This is a view of Bosham, Hampshire and is of a very emotional day spent there some time ago. I am very keen to have this one in the show. It is 16"x14" and does look better in its unphotographed state, but I really wanted to blog it as my show and tell, but it is going to take a couple of weeks to dry(at least) as the paint is quite juicy!
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Sharon's 'Scotch Bonnet' Lentil Chilli - Tonight's recipe

Those of you coming tonight will be eating my lentil chilli (a recipe I made up) if no one asks for the recipe I'll sulk and delete this post after you have gone. Might keep the photo I did, I quite like how my Kilner jars came out! Slowly soften the onion in an oil of your choosing, throw in garlic and cook for a few more mins. Add lentils and pour on the stock, stir in chilli and tom puree. Bring to a simmer for 15 mins, stirring when you remember or pop back into the kitchen from whatever else tends to distract you (lentils love to stick if ignored). Chuck in the tomatoes and re-bring to a simmer for 10 mins. Add mush and kidney beans **and simmer for another 10 mins, or till they look cooked. I normally turn it off now. Then when I start the rice I put in the peppers prior to re-heating the Chilli, so they are still a bit on the crunchy side. **if using red wine and scotch bonnets dont forget to add them at this point.
  • Serve with brown rice and natural yogurt to people you like.

  • Saturday, April 22, 2006

    The Kiss (Klimt and Cooper)

    After our talk last meeting about "The Kiss" and the symbolic elements of the shapes, I thought I'd Blog this. It took Klimt 6 months to paint and my embroidery, inspired by the painting took about 2 years on and off (had a big period when I was diagnosed with RA, that I couldn't use my hands much).

    Bird by Sarah

    Thursday, April 20, 2006

    Pomegranite icon by Sarah

    It's 5 whole days since any art got Blogged. I will put a stop to that, here is a gorgeous pomegranite that was in Sarah's Letchworth exhibition. Sweet.

    Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    Art for your ears

    Has anybody noticed the music clip at the foot of this page? Click on the play button, for something to listen to as you are viewing the Blog. This 1996 track first got me into Nick Cave, it sent shivers down my spine and still does. Beautifully shot video too. Art.

    Next Meeting

    Monday 24th April, 8pm at mine AgendaCan you make it? Blog yes or no

    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    Windmill Hill

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    Friday, April 14, 2006

    Untitled by Sarah B

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    Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    Hertfordshire By Night

    Another in the series, this is a journey through a certain part of Hertfordshire by night.  Posted by Picasa

    Sunday, April 09, 2006

    All Those Years Ago

    I recently found the perfect description for how I feel when I paint and am sharing this with you alongside a painting that really captivates the essence of who I am. This painting is part of a series I am painting now. "Our heads may be small, but they are as full of memories as the sky may sometimes be full of swarming bees, thousands and thousands of memories, of smells, of places, of little things that happened to us and which come back, unexpectedly, to remind us who we are. And who am I?... who is there to write down the lives of ordinary people?"  Posted by Picasa

    sarah g

    This is the start of my painting of Sarah G. It has taken quite a few attempts to put this image on!!!!Comments welcome but ego fragile and may paint over it...................... ....and here is how it looked yesterday. ...and a section at 22 April 2006....

    Friday, April 07, 2006

    Mrs Dunn's Orchids

    I was thinking of having a (largish) canvas of this image made up for the exhibition. Not that they are edible like Martha's or anything, but what do you think? Although I'm not crazy about pink, I like the contrasting petal colour against the dark background. These blooms, being the pride of a 98 year old lady that my Mum odd jobs for, I was volunteered to capture their beauty. (don't forget, Bloggers, you can click on any picture if you want to see it larger)

    Brighton Deckchairs

    Maybe I have something about capturing movement in a billowing piece of fabric...this time it's on the beach at Brighton

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