Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pomegranite icon by Sarah

It's 5 whole days since any art got Blogged. I will put a stop to that, here is a gorgeous pomegranite that was in Sarah's Letchworth exhibition. Sweet.

Those pomegranite seeds sure look juicy...lovely one, Sarah. Good enough to eat, even gooderer to put on your wall! xx
Very Gooderer. You yummy mummy you!
How do you say better than gooderer, is it goodererer maybe. I wish I could paint like you...
Very anatomical.
It reminds me of a pair of lungs.
I think its great you paint like you K. Defo Gooderrera though? perhaps we may get a new listing in the dictionary for descriptions of wonderful Boo pomegranite art!
Definitely anatomical - I was going to say a heart; which I thought appropriate given the symbolism of pomegranites. What I like is the boldness and the abstractive quality (?!)
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