Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ok, ok, so you've got over the shock. I have posted something. Forgive me father it's been so long since my last blog, just how many hail Marys do I need to do. Creatively I have had my blinkers on, trying to focus my mind on my future, as an employed person. In pursuing the dream (you know the one, paid lots of money to do the thing we all love) I have stumbled upon something called Illustration Friday. It's a site that invites creatives to explore a subject each week and blog it. So far have done one and as a result have set up my own blog site (which I hope you will visit). Please comment, constructive stuff about layout and content especially welcome. Gave myself such a headache getting around the technical stuff.
Anyway, this is my first pic - maybe you might like to take part too, though sadly they don't take photography :- ( could be a chance to explore other media maybe......
Can't figure out how to add links so here's my blog address
and illustration friday is:

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