Friday, April 07, 2006

Brighton Deckchairs

Maybe I have something about capturing movement in a billowing piece of fabric...this time it's on the beach at Brighton

its very cool the lway the shingle is simply natural and tricks you into thinking its a photo realistic picture, then you start to notice the blog mistresses special doctoring. Brill
This is really cool! Mind you though, they look like a couple that I saw in Bridlington a few years back. Let's have more of this! It 'bloggles' my mind.....
fabulous image. I really love the vibrancy of the turquoise, just makes me smile and wish I was there.
Thank you, Karen (& Tina & Dave?)- didn't know Dave-my-cat had frequented Bridlington or our Blog?? Anyway my ego is feeling puffed-up now...I like sharing our pictures like this. Long live the Blog (& SG5 Art & friendships)
Long live love, honour and truth
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