Friday, April 07, 2006

Mrs Dunn's Orchids

I was thinking of having a (largish) canvas of this image made up for the exhibition. Not that they are edible like Martha's or anything, but what do you think? Although I'm not crazy about pink, I like the contrasting petal colour against the dark background. These blooms, being the pride of a 98 year old lady that my Mum odd jobs for, I was volunteered to capture their beauty. (don't forget, Bloggers, you can click on any picture if you want to see it larger)

I love both these images Sharon( Brighton deckchairs) Mrs Dunn would be thrilled . Would be great in the exhibition I'm getting very excited...........

Sarah G has just text me about a group exhibition she has got for us in Welwyn for next year YAHOOOOOO
well done Sarah
I think the colour is gorgeous. It actually looks quite lilac/violet on my screen, would be interested in seeing a print just to check out the hue. I'm not sure what Sarah G is intending to exhibit, but it reminds me of some of her florals and I think it shows the contrast in styles. Love it!
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