Monday, April 24, 2006

Unfinished by Tina Culverhouse

This is the emotive view, but from a different perspective emotionally and painterlywise. This is more about the marks made by the brush and the really dark paynes grey marks will probably remain. I have used a very pastel blue for the sea which reminds me of a colour pastel my dad used to keep in his tin. I used to covert this pastel and the colour is implanted into my brain like some sort of code. You may see this colour popping up and when I mix it and rediscover it everytime I get an incredible feeling of timelessness. This painting will develop and I can't wait to blog its progression. Posted by Picasa

Tina, how lovely to read what a painting or colour means to you. Covetting a particular shade or pastel and then using it when your own life has moved on is a true reason to express yourself through art.
It gives me a reason to live, love and be loved. Every part of my life affects every other and mostly is remembered when I paint. This is why I call it time travel.
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