Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Next Meeting

Monday 24th April, 8pm at mine AgendaCan you make it? Blog yes or no

Yes, I will be here
yes Ma'm
Me 2 although jim's on lates so it will be 8.30 ish
Just you try and stop me!!
Do we want to revise the postcard promo, I can bring the file on cd-rom if we want to work on it. Can everyone else bring any digital photos they might want to include.
Will do. Like your Blogger profile.Nice one. Hmmpf How can 53 people looked at your profile already???
Ooh how do I do a profile? Can someone take a cool pic of me?
Interesting thing, when I clicked on our common interests you didn't come up on my list of other profiles..... Kx
Oh no!! I'm in Leeds, my sister goes into hospital on the tuesday, this time nexyt week i'll be an aunty!!! Sorry, hopefully i'll have some studio news tomorrow, which i'll blog friday.
That's a shame, we had at mine so you could drink, I'm quite a good cook... no need to make up elaborate excuses every time! What shall we do?
Could we delay it til the following Monday? I really want to sample your cooking, and sink some wine!!! Sorry to be a pain.
Following monday is bank hols and I am in manchester.
Did you know that the monday after is my birthday?
Scratch that I can come to the ball! Well on monday next anyway or am I just confusing things and being the only commentator at the mo?
Maybe you are...anyways I think we should just run with Monday(coming) and have the next one at mine too, then we get to meet and next time SarahG can drink too.
good I'm glad that's sorted.looking forward to Monday.
mee too! (sorry) had to comment again!
We could start a record for blog with longest list of comments ever? how long would that be Mrs Factoid or Mus?(Mr Factoid, perhaps Dr Factoid?)
Did everyboby know that Sarah G is an Aunty now!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Sarah G sisterxxxxxxxxxxx
I just realised that Alan saw SG yesterday and she was off to buy cloths for her niece! I didn't realise that she had the baby. Why do blokes not recognise news!
Hope they weren't "J cloths" ???
Ok so English Language wasn't my best subject. Never did understand the difference between these sorts of spellings!?
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