Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Art for your ears

Has anybody noticed the music clip at the foot of this page? Click on the play button, for something to listen to as you are viewing the Blog. This 1996 track first got me into Nick Cave, it sent shivers down my spine and still does. Beautifully shot video too. Art.

I 've noticed it but the computer wont let me play it!!
I did think your machine would say "no". Sorry :-(
some of that art is really nice
the deckchair and the hill r my favs !!
Did notice it but wasn't sure how it got there. Hello to Raghav, nice to have some positive feedback.
Does anyone have any Nick Cave CD's I can borrow. I only have old Nick on Album (are we still allowed to use this word?) you know the black warpy stuff! I would love to hear more!
My maverick machine has just allowed me to play the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things might be looking up..........................
Cool. I tweaked it earlier for you :-)
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