Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Workshop at the gallery

Thanks for all artists coming along to the workshop, Ive compiled a few photos for now but will update website with more later. Here's a slideshow of some of the works the children produced.

hello there clever you! wots the next plan / art event? We need a meeting with our friend Gordonxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have marked all the children's questionaires and updated sg5art.com with the images of the work the children made at our workshop. I'd like to do something with my work other than have it sit in bubble wrap till the open studios (Sept) and New Maynard (Oct). Anyone got any ideas? maybe contact Nearly Orange and see if they ahve something booked that those who also want to do this can tag on to? Ask a restaurant if they want our stuff hung up? Pizza Express in Hitchin could do with something other than those paintings of lillies that look like genetallia!! I'd rather look at our stuff when Im eating, thats for sure.
Thanks for writing this.
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