Friday, March 02, 2007

"Shadow Play"

This is one of my self portrait images
I intend to put a similar one from the series into our next exhibition. It has had a huge amount of success on flickr. So I think it's in! What you think girlies? Day #014 - Shadow Play Originally uploaded by sosij.

A truly beautiful image> just re- red some of the flicker comments- something about a donkey jacket?
Would deffinately cause a stir at exhibition amongst blue rinse brigade.xxxxxxx
Are the Blue rinse brigade on your invite list? Dont care if I cause a stir.
Well this actually makes my hair tingle when I see it. I saw it on flickr. Its a very strong image and somehow so definately you. I love the self portraits!
Thank you, how nice of you to say Tina. I guess I dont feel as embarrased as I should because its a shadow. I just like the image and how it came about. Thanks for your encouragemnt on my 365 project, there is no-one who would go along with all the things that come into my head more than myself, so it makes perfect sense to use myself in this way. Id be interested to see which you think would look good in the exhibition. Thank you sweetie. xxx
Oooh I would love to!!!! I just think they are so delicious and intrigueing and wonderful and its a bit like watching a movie but just snap shots of it but not like a storyboard becuase its the finished thing!
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