Friday, March 02, 2007


Hello girlies!!! Thought i'd add my latest pic, i finally got round to painting my lollipops, and here they you like? Alot more photreal than some of my other work, which is what i was going for. And it's made me want to continue with busier, more interesting backgrounds, i intend to paint more toys in a similar way. Byee! SGx

Bl00dy hell! It is totally amazing...cant wait to see it for real. Well done and superb subject!! "WICKED"
well cool.x
Wow, this is the way you should be going. I prefer the busy backgrounds which is why I like the city ones so much I think. Cor keep it up darling!
Wills should really be wanting this painting. Where is it for?
What a fantastic piece! Love love love it. I'm a 'sucker' for Chupa Chups
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