Sunday, September 17, 2006

work in progress

hello everyone -this is work in progress a familiar theme ,but one I love. I now have tickets to the Teddington Art fair- 20 oct- 22 oct if any of you gorgeous girlies want to come- see meeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hope you had a good eve saturday night Sarah G and KT. (any potman tales?)
A theme you love, and a theme I now love too. I cannot see a pomegranate in the supermarket or a bottle of pomegranate fragranced-shampoo(for that matter) and not think of you and your gorgeous work, including this one, such lovely adornments for your sweet poms on this image. Keep it up Boo. And good luck down at Teddy-in tonne xxxxx
thank you darling for those lovely comments .xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The blue I saw today in your studio was really lush! What blue is it?
colbalt blue ( my old fav)
I am coming on Saturday to Teddington with Daisy! Alan couldnt get into the NDCS event but is going to do something with Jake anyway. Can't wait.
I'm getting nervous now. .....
It'll all be lovely, luvvy. Dont worry.
ooh I thought you wouldn't notice that commentxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx too sharp by later for a cuppaxx
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