Saturday, September 30, 2006

Seville Row by Sharon

Seville Row
Originally uploaded by sosij.
Tried it out on Flickr and am really liking this image, so decided to Blog for you.

lovely image ,like the two colours together and title and rows /collection .
I am a sucker for repitition.
I am a sucker for repitition.

well done for putting other exhibition up on website.x
Its a pleasure. Id like to do more (time permitting) but dont know what ideas others have, or if they feel the benefit....?
The amount of hits we have -I check daily shows the benefit .I have a feeling alot are you flicker friends who come to visit.
hopefully after Teddington we'll have afew more.Is there any way we could have rotating photos on the front page/ of us and paintings ect? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx going to work erhhhhhhhhhh trying to sort out people and things that can't really be sorted properly.xxxxxxxxx
I would love the website to be developed and have loads of ideas. I have been a bit low recently and keeping head down to beat it, but I would love to talk about the website further. Perhaps we could do a daytime meeting as I get very tired at the moment and find getting ideas accross when tired difficult. xx t
I'm always up for meeting with any of youse.xxxxxxx
At the market today i saw the pear - fish swimming in a pink tissue sea and it made me smile.xx
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