Tuesday, September 05, 2006

poms and hearts

now then there have been rumours that I am quick to change my work! I feel this is somewhat unfair! I f I put work up it means I want some feed back! This is on canvas- not finished yet

I have seen this one in the flesh and i really like the yellow and blue combo. It has a lot of depth in it too. A touch less iconographic but somehow still managing to be strong and symbolic. Ummm nice one miss Boo!
Sarah, I LOVE this one, so fresh and so much to see. Love the collage and the blue in the poms and of course my favourite dotty bit in the background. So brilliant. A++++
Ladies you're too too kind.xxxxxxxxxxxx
hey, it's me, I'm blogging for the first time in ages and what a sight for sore eyes. I think I saw this as a work in progress, dare I say it, one of my favourites of yours. Can't even pin down what I like about it, the palette, the bugs, that texture around the bottom right hand pomegranite. COOL stuff Mrs, think you should send a copy of this to Waitrose magazine....
wait- roooooooooose might just do that.xxxxxxx
I love it!!!! My favourite pomegranite piece so far I think, typical me, but i especially like the realistic one in the middle, i like the fact there's alot going on in it, but still works as a whole. Defo agree with getting in touch with waitrose.
PS I also love the shadows, great stuff x
Sarah, I REALLY do love this one, I love the colours and the mix of realism and abstract. The bugs add further interest. I love the background spots(of course) and now I understand the wobbly coast-line cut-out shape that reveals the spots, I like that bit even more too.

my ego is suitable rubbed and polished I can face the whole world.......... well the Travellers and Gypsies of West London.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ha ha, you are funny again. Glad you got rubbed and polished, I need some of that...will post a few shots from France on the Blog tonight. have a great day at work.
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