Wednesday, August 02, 2006

With our Boxfield exhibition drawing to it's end.....what next??

SG5Art's next group exhibition is at Hitchin Museum and Art Gallery, 12th May to 2nd June 2007 !! THAT'S WHATS NEXT!! Whoo hoo :-)

Two words: Kewl beans. xxxx
ps and thanks to everyone for coming and supporting the Children's art quiz today, it was fab, and defo a good thing to do at the Hitchin Museum in May.
Thank you sharon for devising,writing and organising the quiz.xxxxxxxxx
excellent news! I think we should text Sheila and let her know we are unavailable for that period, being helpful etc.....hint hint!

have a damp day,
Excellent, thats great news about Hitchin museum!!!! Well done for doing quiz Sharon. See you all soon,

Well I have to say thats when my birthday is!!!!
Not another one, havent you just had one? And it starts on Petes and ends on Velvet's birthday!!
Well we can have my birthday celebration putting up the show. Pete's on the opening night and velvets to take it down. Horah!
ps didn't really get my birthday becuase I was ill, so next year I am going to trick myself its not my birthday so I am not ill. Does this happen to anyone else?
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