Saturday, August 05, 2006

looking away from the dock

a new canvas that I'm thinking of entering for the open at the Maynard. What do you think?

Ooohhh I love it. Love the way the fish look like they really don't care and there is such a calm about it, like they are saying you wont catch us, so its ok to swim here. Love the colour and think its super. xx
...and just clicked on the picture to view it larger and I really like the scratching(?) with the little heart shaped trees. Cute.
I am not saying a word in case you change it!
surely I'm not that bad?
Have you changed it yet?
I think its lovely, my friend Charlotte's with me and says it reminds her of Alfred Wallis, she also likes the space in it! So do i! And the fish!
Ditto to Tina's comment. I think you know what I think of it Sarah!

Hope you feel suitably inspired over the next couple of weeks.
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