Monday, July 03, 2006

Putting Up the Show

Hello there ! This was earlier at the Boxfield . Pausing in deep contemplation before the gruelling task of deciding where all the work should go! A lovely lunch was supplied by 'Thomas catering inc'. PS We missed Sharon being there. Next time x

Sorry I missed it. Next show I'll try get time off school to help. Thanks for co-ordinating it today.
It wasn't the same without you! Pete just informed me that it is all on the wall....and he loves the image you created of me! Soooo looking forward to Thursday, anyone going early?
My babysitter coming at 6.45pm so I will be there early. Had an email from Maxine (art therapy in ecuador charity) and she'd love a collection box there, she will bring it when she comes, Thursday
Cant wait to see my portrait, how exciting it all is
I am leaving here asap Holly coming at 6.15. Have got to get all the wine there and cold so if anyome has cool boxes I can pick up tomorrow let me know by text please in case firewall comes back up.

I went today and it looks soooo gooood! I got my extra frames for the cabinet and will pop them over tomorrow morning. K will come over later with additional titles and any corrections. Sorry i havn't done it today have been over to ikea MK! very hot!!!
ps have I really got such a pointy chin!!
pps I emailed the adds/omits ring me if they don't make sense
you have agreat chin Tina! you all look gorgeous x
Hi girls, i'm getting there for 7, so is Ryan, our music man. he said he can play until we tell him to stop!!! Its blues and folky stuff, sure it will be good. Can't wait!!!
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