Friday, July 14, 2006

Pants by ?

Well... these pants (ok you pedants 'the photo of...') have been emailed to me, after a friend spotted out 'Pants competition'. He takes the precaution of hanging them indoors for fear spying photographers. My concern is that they'll take far too long to dry bunched up like that. And may remain a tad musty?

I like the variation on a theme here, pushing the boundaries, that 'pants on a line' can mean whatever you want it to. An artist indeed. And Funny Factor gets points as I laughed out loud when I opened the email. 9/10 (Feel free to rate our pants)
like the contrast of yellow and blue but am worried about the bunching....are they Tim's?
Tim sprung to mind with me too?!
Sorry to disappoint you girls, but I am not Tim - nor do I do his washing!

ANON (insert the right kind of nine).
Boy pants? Surely?
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