Monday, July 24, 2006

Meet the Artists and Prize Children’s Art Quiz

The Boxfield Gallery, Stevenage Leisure centre Wednesday, 2nd August, 2pm – 4pm Please come and join the artists for a fun quiz based around the current exhibition at the Boxfield gallery, there is an art themed prize and a chance to have your drawing published on!!

William said he'd put some chairs and a couple of tables out and I have sent you all the quiz and flyer for perusal via email.
Nobody talking to me? Not heard a sniff. Sulking now.
Sorry ! I checked on blog yesterday wasn't there! a Brilliant job. I email Hertfordshire on Sunday.............xxxxxxx

Feel bad about 'Celtic Place'xxxxxxxxxxx
Also love that you've put both Newspapers on website.x
why do you feel bad about Celtic Place sweetie? All sounds good for 2nd, may have to leave to pick up kids about 3
Great what youse done on websiteXXXXXXXxx
Where are you Tina?
I'm here....what about me, can I bring Pollyette to the children's quiz?
only if Scott can come too.
I'm back minus any virus software on my computer! Cannot be there on Wednesday but have a great time and let me know how it goes.
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