Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm not sure if these were actually washed or just airing; they have retained their owner's shape. Maybe they just got up for a breath of fresh air... A

Hil-air-ious!!!! What a brilliant shot. Love the odd coloured pegs too, they add an artistic element.
I'd like to challenge you all to take an artistic photo of "pants on the line" by Sunday:Eveyone take a photo, and blog a post entitled "Pants by..." and score out of 10 to the all other photos posted. Tina,this doesnt count as your entry.
you're on ......................
I'm not! And I dont want you photographing your'period pants' :-)
I'm not!! and I dont want you photographing your 'period pants' :-)
who says they will be ours?
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