Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Boxfield Countdown...days to go till the show...

ZERO All systems go!!!

All my images are in, but dont have them back from picture framers yet (waiting on 6)
Should we source a bulk buy of 'mirror plates' and share the cost? That'll be the next task eeeeekkkk
I think the bulk buy is an excellent idea...could discuss Monday night. KTxx
I got my last lot from Wilko's shall I see on Monday morning how much they are? will do this anyway. All invites now out am giving some more by hand.
Yes? Wilkos price to be obtained by Tina, thanks. Why dont we add to this post how many pieces we are each intending to put in the exhibition...if you know it already, or when you have finalised your total entries?
Ok will create a new post for the total images just to keep it separate...
Sorry look at the new post for prices on mirror plates.
doing catalogue tomorrow. will email to K asap.
Catalogue done and Biorg drafted. Tina how many screws have you got. 3 of us bought mirror plates today, but no screws....
I bought 100 brass wood screws. They are quite small but they seem to be the right thing. All welcome to help themselves. Stupid really all the packs of brass plates I bought had screws with them so I must either have one loose myself or have had a rather brilliant premonition everyone else would need them!
I think it was a prenomition, Tina!!!
xxxxx ps can I have some screws. Please?
paint not dry arggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Two of mine are not dry.BOOOOOHOOOO! The best ones too! next show I suppose.
Someone said they were worried about olives or am I dreaming ...........................
you must be dreaming.... why worry about olives? you could consider them a choking hazard though....
I'm getting olives tomorrow.
Talking of Olives, I was in Waitrose earlier, their yummy olives are £3.65/400g (large tub), does that help? I got some crisps earlier, will sort out dips laterin the week. I got 6 large packs for now, is that enough? KTxx
I have got 10 bottles of Pinot, six bottles of a white Australian nice glug reduced in Sainsbury's and case deal! Got 4 wine boxes of nice Aussie red = 16 bottles. Six glasses per bottle is 196 glasses of wine! I also got 4 litres of orange juice and 2 litres of apple juice. 6 large bottles of fizzy water. I think that is everyone catered for. I am also bringing something to pop at the beginning of the show between us!
Right then,Ive bought 8 large pots in total(£3.65 each) 4 of brown; 2 green with sun dried tomatoes and 2 green with pimento
Old top:new bottoms
Betty Jackson over, black under -birthday suite? Well I did buy it for my birthday! Maybe can but a new dress when I have sold something then the bank balance may be a bit more bouyant. spent rather a lot on frames!
i've bought a new dress!!!!!!!!!

it made me buy it. It pinned me down and took out my cash card.Honest gov.
Well I will look out for an 'anonymous' person in a new dress tomorrow then....?
Final blog before I hit the sack. Spent too much money today - hope all our lucky guests appreciate our efforts! Bought 8 raspberry pink bowls for lovely Olive, 3 pink jugs for juice and 3 large bowls for crisps! Also got 3 (that's the magic number) 'edible flowers' and pots to put them in which I have been beautifying tonight.....Will get dips tomorrow, do we need serviettes? Tina you said you had some cocktail sticks - can you bring. Love you all, thanks for the card Sharon that was lovely of you. Am so excited about tomorrow....KTxx
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