Friday, June 30, 2006

some more music (full version now)

sorry guys its just that I can do it. Its a fantastic songxxxxx

For anyone whose feeling little bit sad.xxxx
Thank you!!! xxxx
Sarah did you see Id added a note to the top header of the blog incase anyone fell upon this when they really wanted the dot com site.
Hi, those last two comments were mine (but logged in as Sarah on her compooter...whoops) Thanks again Sarah this is such a moving haunting song, I keep listening to it when Im on the blog. sad but lovely
my comment didn't show up!
What was your comment?
Im crackers about this song, shame the youtube version here has a missing end. Maybe our guy can play it on Thursday????? with the end
glad you like this song as its one of my all time favorites. Paul M wrote it for John's son Julian when John and Cynthia Lenon were splitting up. Paul was trying to console Julian and had been singing HEY JULES.
Hey. Have found the full version, so you can play the whole song from this clip now. :-)
I'm sure I just saw Olive and Polly in the background maybe even Scott?

Thanks for finding that Sharon. It doesn't fail to move me everytime I play it.(am I just an emotional wreck?)
Everyone has been busy working so hard getting extras for the PV .i feel I have been slacking some what ................. but thank you guysxxxxxxxx
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