Saturday, June 10, 2006


Hi girlies - We have a new web page.

I have knocked together a basic web page, so that if the lucky people who receive an invite or see our wicked poster log on to our dot com address they can find a little about us. I was thinking I'd do it later, but then I thought as soon as we have sent out invites its possible people might log on. Hope this will do for now I have a few other things to do and I will work on it when I get time. Let me know any ideas or comments you have. Please dont pick it to pieces or I'll cry.
Hi Mrs

The webpage looks fantastic. Well done for fitting it in at such short notice. See you at the Summer fayre?
its well wickard .....................................................................

just perfectxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Have also just knocked together a page with detail in for one of the group....meeeeee. All our 'stamps' are hotspots - hover over and it'll show your name. Click on my stamp and it'll go to a page with me specific detail...yes I know my name is a bit large and 'horsey' will change that later.
Have just clicked on your bum, the page looks great, I quite like the horsey look, would you need me to provide the lettering in a different format for a less bitmapped look? I know this is all trial and error, but just call me if you need me to email you anything. Well done you clever sosij. KTxx
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