Thursday, June 15, 2006

Promotion Booklet

Hello ladies - I colour printed the sheets I showed you at this week's meeting and made a (totally profesh-looking) cool spiral bound booklet, would look better printed on better quality paper, but its super, so will print 3? and flash it abou. Sarah can take to Hitchin Museum and we can send one with covering letter to the Maynard Gallery. Job done. need to get remainding art work to Chris for printing and get invoice. Meeting next week?? Dont mind hosting it, what do you recon?

ps I seem to have done 'something funny' to SG5Junior. Normal blogging service will be restored when I work out what I did....
Only me, burning even more midnight oil. Have just sent all the files to you my lovely. If there are any changes to be made let me know,

KT xxxx
can't wait to see promotional booklet..............................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx am getting obsessed with computer on it before work.....
Final printed version has been passed today to Boho Boo, to send to the Maynard and to Hitchin museum. Job done.
booklet looks brilliant. Where else shall we send it?????????????????????? Thank you blog mistress.
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