Sunday, June 25, 2006

Image total

I wondered if it'd be useful(even just as a record, or for buying of mirror plates) to know the total number of images we are intending to put in the group exhibition. Could you add a comment saying how many you are thinking of putting in? Or an estimate. Didn't just want a text-only post - so have put this lovely one of Sarah on her last private view night to get us all in the mood.....

If all mine come back in time....(eeek) I will be submitting 17
I have 18 finished canvas's, 4 watercolours and 4 ceramics all to be finished framing for friday(hopefully). I bought my mirror plates now, the cheapest place is Wickes. I totally wiped the stevenage store of their stock! which was only 5 packs of 8 plates. They worked out about 14p each. Brookers were mucho expensivo and wilko's were 49p for two, which I bought one packet of. I have checked them against my smallest frames and they are fitting really well. Wickes also supply the woodscrews in the packet althought I just bought a packet of 100 if anyone needs them. I can fly over to letchworth wickes if anyone needs me to see if they have some there.
Snap! I'll have 17 too. 6 large oils, 8 small oils and 3 framed black and white sketches. Will check out Tim's tomorrow for mirror plates.

Had a great time tonight, I love you all. Karen xx
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