Monday, June 12, 2006

Dot Com update

Hello girlies, just to let you know we now have THREE pages on our You can toggle till your hearts content between the home page, my page and Sarah Graham's page. Others coming soon (2 line blurb and images permitting....) Your faithfull Webmistress xxxx

tina's page now complete too, thanks for images and two line blurb. We are soon rock and rolling!!!!
all looks brillaint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brillainte brilliant!
It is truly fantastic BM! You are a total star!
Karen your images are up, just need your words..... am totally shattered...will recrop Boho Boo another day, as its a portrait image, the tool hasnt framed it right, unless you like it that way. basically I am tired and need to get off my PC. Will tweak another day. :-) they all look gorgeous by the way, cant wait to see all our work in one place.
Whey hey
Half time and Karen's profile is now up to complete the set. Come on ENGLAND!!!! xxxxx
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