Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Congratulations to our 1000th visitor (since March 12th) Will the Blogger who logged in at 19:31, via Ntli, Norfolk, using Firefox Browser with an ip address of 62.252.64, see me to claim your special prize!!!

thats meeeeeeeeeeeee wot do I win!!!!!!!!!
a scotch bonnet would do me.
A scotch bonnet with xxxx on?
Well okay maybe with xxxx's on?
Sarah? Aren't you going to claim your prize?
BM will award the prize at the next meeting!!!
It's not a scotch bonnet. You cant eat it. BM
You looked lovely in your Pomegranite top, Sarah. Thanks for a brilliant productive evening.xx
thank you so much for my beautiful pomegranite top. I'm wearing it today!!!!!!!!!!
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