Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tomasza Street, Cracow, Poland by Sharon

This is the image I am currently working on. In Photoshop I am layering SG5 Art's pictures onto the photo (as additional posters on this wall). I really like the abstract shapes and colours in the tired brickwork and the solitude of the woman passing by. I have grouped a set of photos from my Krakow trip on Flicker and this one, at the moment is my most popular picture.

This is great and reminds me ziggy Stardust album cover! just looked on flicker the photos look great altogether.
bus, mask and your friend as a trypdych(spello!). And the three hearts walls as a tryptych(dych?) I must start using that dictionary again! These are an absolute must for the show please please please?
PS did I say how much I like this? I do, fantastic!
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