Thursday, May 11, 2006

Temptation by Sarah

Posted by Sharon, for Sarah, with a question to you all...what do you think, is it better portrait or landscape?

Think it confuses me portrait, I prefer it landscapy-laying downyways!!! Of course anyone can buy any painting they like and change how its hung once they have paid the cash for it. It is lovely and a surprise to see two different types of flower in your one (lovely) painting(whatever way you display it). Ps sorry I didnt blog it earlier.
My friend Mary Hayward Smith ( Painter) said she liked it portrait way and at the time I agreed with her. Her reason was that the weight of the painting was at the bottom.

seeing them now I'm not to sure. Perhaps a meeting with wine and gin would help me see more clearly?
Just say when...
I think these paintings need to be fondled and put in the correct position! When can I come and play?
I like it landscape, it immediately struck me that way was the right way up, and portrait looked like it was on its side. thats going to confuse matters for you isn't it!!!
Have you got it upside down?
I like it landscape, mainly because of the collaged sections, I just think it works that way for me, each to there own. There are really useless comment.....
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