Thursday, May 11, 2006

Spring Nostalgia Blossom by Sharon

When I see this blossom every year it reminds me of my Spring walks to school as a child - I would snap off a small sprig and wonder at its minature bouquet appearance. I love that, for just a few weeks in late April, on the same tree, you can see both the opened blossom in pale pink, and closed buds in a vibrant cerise. Captured here against the early-morning mottled sky, I felt a need to Blog it, to freeze the temporary stage I love so much, already this has gone and the blossom on this tree has turned completely white.

The blossom is beautiful.xxxxxxxxx
I like the way the image is diagonal across frame.
The blog has had lots of visitors today.
Yeah. WOW...all time high (I just checked) 40 visitors today. Daily visits are between 14-28, The average is 20. Getting a few referrals from Flickr but others...who knows. We are just famous. Guess words got out. Hope they all come to the exhibition. With cash.
I've noticed that many are visiting through your Flicker which is really cool.It would be good if more made comments.
Have just found out about Flickr groups and how you can encourage comments on your images. Its kewl!
Sharon, your description of the blossom-lined walk to school transports me to my own childhood. Cherry trees ran the length of the street from my home to primary school and I loved spring and the appearance of the blossoms. I also loved (and still do) the stage - which we are now reaching - when the petals fall to the ground like perfect pinkish snow.
Hi girls, Just saw this striking image. It looks great as full screen Sharon. The sky actually looks like its moving and the blossom branch is very commanding and beautiful. It is really stunning and I think the bigger it is the more it shows off the background/forground flicker you get. I think when you print it you may have to be really careful that the contrasts are correct. Wonderful!
Perfection. How did Mother Nature get it so right and why do so many people never even notice it? Over the last few weeks when I look out of my kitchen window, all I see is a mass of blossom, if swells the heart.
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