Sunday, May 14, 2006

SG5 Art

A MESSAGE FROM SARAH BOOTH I think we need to make a decision about music for the private view at the P V on friday W B asked if we were going to have music as he would have to arrange for a PA. comments please xxxxxxxxxx

My vote goes to Yes for music, and yes for Roz & Rachel
I am up for music, but don't know the peeps you talk of but as you are both music heads I will trust your judgement. We need to talk off air about £££ for pv expenses.
Sarah G said yeah to music. When is our next meeting?
next Monday at mine 8pm
WB phoned me today said if we decide onmusic it can be writen on the invites.Also he said a PA would cost £50 if we wanted to hite one.
I'm happy to go with the flow.
fine with me too, we need to check they are free asap then.
did they phone????
Message did get to Roz, who apparantly is really up to doing music for us, but she didnt ring me tonight. She will be getting my mobile number tomorrow, so maybe she will call that....
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