Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Orchid at Kew by Alan Culverhouse

Hi girls. I thought this was very worthy of a blog on SG5! Alan took this photo and did the wonderful stuff that he does! We should have SG5 other half! Anyway please consider this wonderful picture as a formal invitation to the birthday of my year! Please come my lovelies to my abode for 8ish. We can glug some wine(g&t!) and do a quick s.h.a.g and nibbles and then down to Pizza Express for a pronto pizza. (We could alternatively do a curry if anyone is sick of PE?). Please Blog yeah or neigh.(if itsa neigh I wont talk to anyone for a month!) Alan is babysitting and I would have said have a meal at mine, but as space is limited and daisy is bound to wake up and ruin the ambience hope arrangements are cool. Love you all. Posted by Picasa

count me in babexxxxxxxx
well done alan lovely pic
I'll be there baby, and I love the photo, I'd like to paint it!
Alan says that would be really cool. Do you want the file on Monday? If he emails it its a bit of a monster size.
C u there. Brill foto Alan.
Yes please! I need to do an orchid painting for the workshop i'm doing at Tim's soon, email it or give it to me Monday, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!
What a gorgeous photo - can I have a copy? Oh my god, it's your birthday on Monday.....I knew there was something really important happening on the 8th of May. I'd be delighted to attend your soiree, ciao babe. xx
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