Thursday, May 11, 2006

Multi Pom by Sarah

Sarah, this is lovely, I wonder if you tried the black background after the success of your Sarah G painting? either way, I think it works really well. Love this one, sweetie!!xx
thank you for posting Mistress of the Blogging variety!

As you guessed correctly; into the black background after Sarah G painting. This is actually a detail from a painting of six pomegranites .
Ooh this is really iconic. I would say its really 1920's and I think very bold and beautiful. I even think of faberge too and enamal jewelled thingies!
silly me its part of a painting of 9 pomegranites.
Sarah...have you tried rotating it clockwise 90 degrees??? ;-) ha ha
I'm feeling somewhat pressured here. Are you painting 24/7? All your work looks fantastic, so strong, love it. Can you paint some of my paintings please? xx
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