Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Hi everyone. I am acutely aware that I said I would do artwork for the invites and have done nothing. Do you all want to send me your most prized image that you would like to represent you on the invite? I will endeavour to produce something for approval on Monday night. If anyone also wants to suggest some wording, Alan maybe, please send toute suite. Hope your are all well and wish to accept your mission, this post will self destruct in SG5 seconds.....xxxxx

You are funny again!!! Will do - email to follow in SG5 minutes...
all done mam........................................
Alan sent some details via email. I decided detail would be better than a really tiny landscape. We are getting wordy tonight. Saw Sarah G at Tim's Art giving her demo today, looked great. Am signing up for her workshop next week too! see you all monday
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