Friday, May 12, 2006


Here's my new painting for The Boxfield show. i wanted to create a dramatic , bold image out of something fragile, as with my other flower paintings. I loved the colours in the photo i used, and thought the contrast was strong. Hope you all like it!

It's fantastic, as usual, Sarah!! "Bee-uuuu-ti-fulll" orange and greeny yellow against such a dark background. Black is the new black, I see. xx
no black is the new blue............................wonderfulx
Wow! I'm blown away by your daffs, are you going to call them Narcissi? They are gorgeous.
Hey girls, I have seen this in the flesh and it is awesome! Really beautiful. Incase anyone doesn't know you can see the beautiful Sarah G At Tim's Art in Hitchin this Saturday demonstrating her wonderful techniques! Keep something back Miss G!

love T
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