Monday, May 22, 2006

"At the other side of the River "- by Sharon

I openly admit it looks like something I could or should have painted as a teenager. I've never used oils before so this is my first 15cm x15cm oil on canvas. I didn't know quite what to paint, then decided Pearl, at least, would love this, being one of her favourite stories. I really enjoyed painting it and loved the feel of the oils. My starting point - which I hope to swiftly progress from after this Saturday when I learn better oil technique at Sarah G's Masterclass. A tall order indeed - getting anywhere close to the rest of you talented bunch.

The blue really helps to bring out the FANTASTIC fox. I love it & the story.
thought this was great although my computer still wont let me see it!

I've done my deed to contact WB . Invites need to be sent to him mid june.
Did I tell you how clever I think you are. This is your first oil painting? Can't wait to see you get your hands on some other subjects! Proud!
OOoohhh now Ive been on the Oil course, I want to redo the background with the technique I have just learnt. But that would be daft. So will save that for my next painting. Thanks Sarah, was brill fun.
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