Wednesday, March 08, 2006

HOT TOPIC - What's in a name?

We need a name...please add your comments Hello ladies I've just had a text from Sarah Booo about William Barnard's unhappiness with the group's name. I think we need to brainstorm and thought this might be a good forum. Here are some of my ideas, I look forward to seeing everyone elses and then we can have a vote..... The Hitchin Art Group, The Hitchin Contemporary Art Group , SGArt (the A being a 4) , The Feminine Five. Maybe we should just have a single powerful name, something really impactful. I did a bit of a search on Blogger and found, for example, an american art group of 3 ladies called Beehive. So here goes, Cinco (is that spanish for five) , Granada (interestingly this is spanish for Pomegranate) , The Exhibitors or Exhibitionists , Fuschia , Wild Orchids . I've dried up........ I love you all, you are all great, thanks for your support. kx

Ive been searching, thinking and looking at Karen's suggestions. I like Hitchin Art Group, it doesn;t compartmentalise us or need an explanation. Maybe Ive just got Blog Blinkers on, and got used to seeing it on my screen. Wild Orchid, quite nice and exotic. Also how about...either "Sitting, waiting, wishing" (a track off Jack Johnson album)or "In Between Dreams" (which is the album title)
I like Granada with its fruity meaning. Alternatively, how about Amaranta, Haven, Coterie?
Who is mus? Amaranta is good but sounds a bit boozy

I really like In Between Dreams!
I'm not a member of the group, I'm an interested observer... ;-)
Cool, thanks for looking
SG4 ART? along the lines of K's suggestion postcode type thingy?
hello ladies ,
I like all suggestions SG4 Art seems quite good. I quite like hitchin Art Group but people might confuse us with the hitchin Art Society.
I like SG4 Art because it means Hitchin and it means art. And no-one else has used anything like a postcode in an arty name(I don't think) But it is quite a tradition to use location to describe an art group.
I actually found a radio on the web called Thrill Box SG4! Very tempting! Apparently SG4 is a type of battery?
Tina, there is another meaning for Box, and teamed with 'Thrill'....well, what can I say???
I love it!
I love It!
And then we went on to conquer the rest of the world!
Thought I would just clarify for anyone watching that we are now SG5 Art. For a very good reason which we are holding close to our hearts at the moment. All will be revealed or not. Depends on another S.
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