Friday, March 31, 2006

From Krakow with love

Hi everyone...greetings to the group and anyone stumbling on our Blog, from me and my SLR. This is Cloth Hall which has been in the middle of Krakow's Grand Square(Rynek) for 700 years. Textile trade started here and in the 2nd half of the 14th centuary it was extended to an imposing Gothic structure 108m x 8m after the 1555 fire, the Cloth Hall was rebuilt as a splendid Renaissance edifice with an ornate roof adorned with grotesque masks. It's where everyone hangs out. The flags in the foreground, which drew my eye, are to mark the 1st anniversary(tomorrow) of the Pope's death. So a big day tomorrow here in Cracow...

Hello blog Mistress. Love the image see you soonxxxx
Stunning. Makes me want to go!
Stunning. Makes me want to go!
Great photo Sharon. Hope you had a fantastic time and took lots of inspiring pictures. Looking forward to your show and tell.xx
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