Monday, February 27, 2006

Fushia Flouresce by Sarah G

(Posted by Sharon for Sarah) feel free to edit this text if you want to tell us about this beautiful painting....I will include this one on the publicity for the Gallery

I love this, Sarah, it's beautiful, thanks for emailing me your 3 images. The 'Blog Mistress' is happy now to see an example of everyone's work posted.
i agree with the Blog mistress its truely beautiful
Sarah you never cease to amaze me. I could almost reach out and touch them. You are a genius babe! See you soon, kx
I know I have been to your studio and seen these paintings close up and still don't know how you do it. Amazing. lv T
Thanks for your lovely comments ladies, I thought i should add some text about it, but i'm not sure how! Sharon, help!
I like this fushia, I don't know how you made it so realistic
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